Mt. Healy via Bison Gulch

Healy, AK

Trail Info

If you’re ready to hike your bike up a steep/rocky ridge for 3700 vertical feet then you’ve got to check out this zone. The ridge begins right from the roadside, so park you vehicle, throw your bike on your back and start hiking up!

The only downside to this area is it is known to be windy, and you are exposed on a ridge with no protection so keep that in mind during the ascent/descent. However, the wind can also play in your favor; we just rode this on March 14, 2014 which is pretty amazing considering we are in Alaska!



∴ From Fairbanks, head South on the Parks Hwy.
∴ Pass the town of Healy
∴ Look for a good size parking area/pull out on your left at Mile 243.5, right before a sharp left turn.
∴ Park there and look directly across the Hwy., you'll see the trail going up Mt. Healy

Trail Hints:

This trail is pretty straight forward to find. However, let us know if you have any troubles and we'll help however we can.

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