2018 HooDoo Cup

We are back again on our 6th year for the 2018 HooDoo Cup Super-D mountain bike races. Yes, "races" =) This year we will be providing a series of 3 races for the ultimate challenge and friendly fun you've come to expect over the years. It is your support throughout the years that drives us to keep bringing you more, so thank YOU.
This race is fun for all riders no matter your age or experience level, we've had it all and welcome you to join us this year! HooDoo Brewing will be there with beer for riders and spectators, 21+.

We had an awesome turnout last year and gave away over $1000 in CASH. We’re hoping to top that and do even better this year.

Advanced-Registration will be Aug 21st at HooDoo Brewing (4-6pm), online at Fairbanks Cycle Club, or the day-of-race. All racer entries will be $25 for advanced registration or $30 the day of the event at Goldstream sports.

So, what exactly is the HooDoo Cup? If you haven't had the opportunity to join us in either of the past 4 years then you are in for a real treat! This is a Super-D Mountain Bike race and it really is for all riding levels. It is mostly downhill (non-technical, think fast and flowy) with the last little bit more flat with a slight incline (pedal hard to the finish!). So far we've had ages from 7-75, we will do our best to accommodate you no matter your skill level. The faster you go, the harder it is. You control your speed, but remember, this is a timed event =)

Each racer will have a two-minute gap between each racer to try to avoid any passing issues, we will try to group you the best we can with other riders of similar ability.

This wouldn't be what it is without your support and the support from our sponsors, we truly appreciate your enthusiasm to keep this going strong year after year. See you all on the singletrack!

HooDoo Cup