Fairbanks, AK

Trail Info

Rotorburn began its building stages in 2012 and has been completed. But, is a trail really ever complete?? It’s a fun fast trail and lives up to its name.



∴ From the Moose Mountain ski lodge parking lot, continue up hill on Moose Mountain Rd.
∴ Turn Left on Meribel
∴ Continue on Meribel for 0.5 miles, it will end and you will see a large turnaround area to park.
∴ Look for the trail taking you onto the face of the ski hill.
∴ As you walk onto the ski hill, if you look up hill you’ll see a small 8″ wide line cut into the side. This is the beginning of the trail.

Trail Hints:

As you begin the trail it starts out taking you right into the trees. It will eventually spit you back out onto the face of the hill. Follow thZe trail straight down the face but pay close attention as there will be a small line to follow that will sweep you out right and bring you back left into the trees again. It’s easy to miss so you may want to take it slow the first time so you find it.
Then once again it will bring you back out onto the face and you go Mach 4 to the bottom.
Repeat =)

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