Secret Trail

Fairbanks, AK

Trail Info

Secret is a fast trail on the way down but can also used to climb up if you’re not doing shuttle runs.



∴ From UAF head North on Farmers Loop Rd towards the Steese Hwy.
∴ Turn Left on Summit Dr.
∴ Turn Left on Cranberry Ridge Dr. (it will do a couple switchbacks so make sure to stay on Cranberry Ridge.
∴ Turn Right on Noel Dr.
∴ Follow Noel Dr and there will be a parking area at the end. This is the corner of Noel Dr and Mia St.
∴ Look for the two metal posts at the trail head, walk through there and look for a trail entrance off to the left about 75 feet passed the metal posts. This is the start of Secret Trail.

Trail Hints:

If you pay close attention you’ll see the entrance of Top Secret Trail off to the left. However, it’s easy to miss.
If you follow Secret Trail to the end it will put you onto Ski Boot Hill Rd. From this point it is 2.2 miles down Ski Boot Hill Rd to Farmers Loop. You can start at the exit if you wish to have a fun ride up.
Also, the exit of Top Secret trail is 1.2 miles down Ski Boot Hill Rd from the exit of Secret Trail.

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