Top Secret Trail

Fairbanks, AK

Trail Info

Top Secret is a trail that splits off from Secret. This is a fast, naturally rooty section and will be sure to make you come back for more. There is a fun natural G-out mid trail that is a blast or you can bypass the G-out and hit the newly built drop/tranny.



∴ Top Secret is a little harder to find than Secret Trail. It’s entrance begins about mid-way of Secret Trail so first we’ll explain how to find the trail exit since it’s a little easier.
∴ From UAF head North on Farmers Loop Rd towards the Steese Hwy.
∴ Turn Left on Ski Boot Hill Rd.
∴ The trail exit is exactly 1.0 mile up Ski Boot Hill Rd so look for the trail exit on your right hand side.
∴ From here you can walk/carry your bike up and it will eventually come to a ‘T’, this is the start of Top Secret and also the mid-way point of Secret Trail.

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